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Royal Albert Dock London

ABP has extensive experience in delivering business ports

such as the one to be built in London’s Royal Docks.

ABP is creating London’s third financial and business district. The Asian Business Port at Royal Albert Dock will be unique – it will be the headquarters of Chinese and other Asian companies enabling them to reach new markets across Europe. It will also be the centre for European companies looking to trade with them.

The £1 billion investment to create the Asian Business Port at Royal Albert Dock in London will result in up to 30,000 jobs, and generate £6 billion to the London economy. It will be a platform for those companies to thrive and prosper and will be the economic engine that will power the economic growth of the Royal Docks.

ABP China



ABP Beijing is a completed 15 million square foot development, home to around 50,000 employees of the businesses based there. The project consists of 400 large office buildings and includes apartments, shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and a hotel. Over 95% of the buildings are occupied.



ABP is undertaking a development in Shenyang, the largest city in north eastern China, which at 75 million square feet is around five times the size of the development in Beijing. ABP has already delivered 120 buildings at ABP Northeast, with a further 300 or so to be completed over the next two years.



One of the latest ABP projects in China is in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao where the company is on track to complete the first 100 of 300 office buildings. It will be the largest cluster of office buildings in eastern China and will be home to 1,000 different enterprises.


Southern Yangtze

ABP Southern Yangtze is situated in the core area of Hangzhou Bay. Is it the latest ABP project in China and comprises 160 million square feet of primary and secondary developments with a total forecast investment RMB 75 billion. With the mixture use of commercial and residential space emphasised on infrastructure and public realm, ABP Southern Yangtze will become an ‘engine’ for the economic development of Hangzhou Bay.

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ABP has drawn together a delivery team comprising UK and global companies

that are all leaders in their respective fields.

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