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29 Apr ABP launches Dot London website address

ABP (London) has become one of only 20 companies to be given a new special Dot London web domain address in an initiative from Mayor of London Boris Johnson and his team.

Today at a special event at London’s historic Trafalgar Square the 20 pioneer companies including ABP were officially granted the new web addresses which means that for the first time ever they can have a digital address ending in .london instead of .com or

The benefit of this new web address is that it is easy to remember and instantly identifies the company as being located in London and having a strong association with the city.

ABP (London) were asked by the Mayor’s Team to be one of the first companies to have the new web address in order to encourage other London-based companies to take up the idea and already tens of thousands of companies want to follow ABP’s lead and have asked for similar web addresses.

At today’s Trafalgar Square ceremony, Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise and Chairman of London & Partners, the Mayor’s official promotional organisation for London, said, “Londoners have a real sense of pride in their city and when we’ve talked to them about Dot London, they’re really excited about the prospect of putting London right at the heart of their businesses and online branding. The fact that there have already been more than fifty thousand expressions of interest in Dot London gives us real confidence that our city’s new domain will be a huge success.”

Mr Malthouse, thanked ABP Vice Chairman, Nancy Xu, for attending the Trafalgar Square ceremony and said he was grateful for the support the company has given London.


ABP Vice Chairman, Nancy Xu added: “ABP’s London team wanted to show that we recognise that this city has a powerful international brand and the new website address will make it easier for everyone, wherever they are in the world, to find our London website and to see the progress we are making with the Royal Albert Dock project.”



Note to Editors: 

In 2013 London & Partners, with the support of the Mayor of London, secured the new Dot London domain in a deal with ICANN, the global internet body. Over the next couple of years ICANN is set to release more than one thousand new generic top-level domains in response to demand for more relevant internet addresses, representing the biggest expansion of the domain space for decades.

As well as the new web address the company also has and website addresses.