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Principal Terms and Conditions of Investment in the London ABP Project

To Prospective Investors:


On 29th May 2013, ABP (London) Investment Ltd (hereafter ‘ABP’,also including the ABP Group) officially acquired the right to develop London’s Royal Albert Dock site, which is situated in East London (hereafter the ABP London Project). The total investment involved is one billion pounds.


ABP aims to build an Asian Business district in London, the third London Financial District, within 8 to10 years. ABP would like to invite interested parties to invest in the ABP London Project.


According to the terms and conditions of the ABP London Project development agreement and the requirements of the ABP Holdings Group, in order to enter a final investment agreement in the London ABP Project with ABP, prospective investors must accept the following principal terms and conditions:


1) After new investors join the ABP London Project, the ABP Group shall still maintain more than 50% shareholding in the ABP London Project. ABP shall be primarily responsible for the management and operation of the ABP London Project. The new shareholders shall offer cooperation and supervision in project management.

2) In order to protect the interests of the investors, ABP Holdings Group has decided that upon completion of the investment, investors shall:

a) Prior to dividends being distributed, creditor investor shall have preferential rights to returns on their investment;

b) Equity investors shall have the same share and same rights as the ABP founding shareholder –ABP Holdings;


The above terms and conditions are the principal terms and conditions for being accepted as an investor in the ABP London Project and upon which a final investment agreement is based. Any terms that are beyond the scope of the aforementioned principal terms and conditions shall also be beyond the scope of ABP’s business terms or the terms and conditions under the London ABP Project permit, which shall result in a failure to reach any final agreement.


In addition, the potential investor must be a reputable international business or institution or an individual with sufficient financial means to invest.


We hereby make the above statement.


ABP (London) Investment Ltd

21st February 2015

CC: Greater London Authority

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